Soils Unit has now begun!

This unit went live on 13th July – you can still join; live seminars begin the week of 20th

2015 –  International Year of the Soil

The UN General Assembly declared 2015 the International Year of Soils! See:http://www.fao.org/soils-2015/en/ for more information!

Our next unit on the Biodynamic Principles and Practice course marks this celebration and the vital role that soils have to play, in agriculture and culture.  This new unit on Biodynamic Soils  just went live for the first time on the 13th July. Interested?  Get in touch! info@bdacollege.org.uk. Registrations are still being taken.

The Biodynamic Soils unit introduces the history and geography of soil formation and considers different ways of supporting fertility in the soil.  This includes the observation and understanding of soil fertility in its physical, chemical and biological aspects as well as a deeper understanding of the role and rhythms of soil in the farm organism.  With vitality and resilience as the aim for soil, biodynamic practice will be considered with specific attention to how vitality on all levels can be encouraged and supported.

The unit aims to provide the opportunity for experiential learning by providing course notes specifically written for this unit,  work to be carried out on the students’ own soil, supplementary reading and seminar contributions from active biodynamic farmers.

Seminars will be available to students live (for those who wish to attend) and also recorded for those who cannot.

Seminars and the online forum provide the possibilities for debate and discussion of biodynamic practice and how to best adapt these for different situations.

The estimation is that this unit will require between four and six hours weekly over the course of the eight weeks that the unit is live, and then a few additional weeks to finally complete assignments.

Biodynamic Preparations-going live in October

This unit aims to provide you with knowledge of both the biodynamic spray and compost preparations, how they are made and used and their integration in the management of an agricultural enterprise.   This includes exploring how the understanding of soil, plants and animals combine in this unique aspect of biodynamic practice.  Current research into the preparations and their use will be included alongside an exploration of the principles that inform practice, and the use of preparations may help to bring harmony, balance and stability to the farm organism.


About the College

The Biodynamic Agricultural College came out of a long history of biodynamic agriculture education at Emerson College in cooperation with the Biodynamic Association in the UK.  It became independent in 2010 and is a limited company with charitable status.

The stated aims of the college are: to provide education in biodynamic agriculture.

At the moment the primary focus of the college is a distance learning course called Biodynamic Principles and Practice, which makes education in biodynamic agriculture available to students worldwide and at the same time offers support to an international culture of learning and researching biodynamic agriculture.