Register now for your opportunity to begin the Fundamentals unit which has just relaunched, as well as the Animal unit which has also just begun on Monday 15th September. Registrations are still being taken for both these units.

Fundamentals in Biodynamic Agriculture was last run in November 2013 and aims to provide you with fundamental knowledge of biodynamic principles and practices, core differences to contemporary (conventional and organic) agriculture, and the biodynamic approach to food quality.

The Animal unit gives you an introduction to biodynamic livestock production. This unit will look at the animal realm, its qualities and animal husbandry. Topics include: three different types of animals: nerve/sense, rhythmical, metabolic/limb, nutrition, health and husbandry and will provide you with knowledge of what is different from a biodynamic perspective, the practicalities of animal husbandry and the importance of ruminants, especially cattle, sheep and goats, as well as pigs and poultry.

See The Course for details of how to apply, or Contact Us to be informed of more details.

The Biodynamic Association is celebrating 90 years of Biodynamics with its conference

Biodynamic Agri-Culture: A Matter of Life

taking place in Stourbridege, 30th October – 2nd November

See here for  more details

The Biodynamic Agricultural College came out of a long history of biodynamic agriculture education at Emerson College in cooperation with the Biodynamic Association in the UK.  It became independent in 2010 and is a limited company with charitable status.

The stated aims of the college are: to provide education in biodynamic agriculture.

At the moment the primary focus of the college is a distance learning course called Biodynamic Principles and Practice, which makes education in biodynamic agriculture available to students worldwide and at the same time offers support to an international culture of learning and researching biodynamic agriculture.