Our aim is to provide education and training in biodynamic and sustainable agriculture. At the moment we have two methods of providing this education: a series of distance learning courses which are available to students all over the world in Biodynamic Principles and Practice and the hands-on, practical, UK-based Biodynamic Work Based Diploma Course.

The Biodynamic Agricultural College came out of a long history of biodynamic agriculture education at Emerson College in cooperation with the Biodynamic Association in the UK.  It became independent in 2010 and is a limited company with charitable status.


3 thoughts on “Aim”

  1. I have tried to telephone you and left a message, I am in the Stroud area on Thursday and was hoping to pop in to see what your set up is. I have a very large garden and two double allotments and am very interested in using your techniques. Also I notice from your site that you are doing an Introduction Course, 4 weeks for £50, but there is no price on the other two follow up courses.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards

    1. Dear Tracy,
      sorry, mussed have missed your mail and came across it now again.
      The other two courses are not finalised yet and will be costed when done so.

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