Biodynamic agriculture takes a holistic way of understanding the natural world as its premise and then applies that understanding with the aims of vitality, resilience and ethical stewardship of land, plants, animals and human beings.

It strives to facilitate a harmonious farm organism, understanding that every farm is unique (landscape, environment, soil, plants, animals, wildlife, human beings) and that in order for each part of the farm to thrive, balance is required.

This is a principled approach to working with nature that fuses ancient wisdom with modern methods so that agriculture can work to heal and support both people and the environment.

The principles of biodynamic agriculture have been applied successfully all over the world in gardens, vineyards and on farms in a wide variety of environmental and social situations.

One thought on “What is Biodynamic Agriculture”

  1. I saw the webpage and heard about Biodynamic from one of the agriculturist from Nepal who studied Biodynamic Agriculture. He is guiding us for organic agriculture.
    After some information, I am very much interested to attend the course but I have some constraints. I am a single woman with one child (boy). He studies at 6th grade and I have to cover all cost for his study and maintain my livelihood.
    Therefore I do not have savings to pay the cost of course. If there are any possibility of fellowship for such participation would be a great help for me. Please let me know what I have to do.

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