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This Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture course is a distance learning course designed for anyone who is interested in biodynamic agriculture and wants to know more.  All you need is a few hours a week, an internet connection, and a good dose of curiosity.

Whether you are interested in eating high quality food, growing plants and raising animals in collaboration with nature, drinking natural wines or savouring and supporting the soil, this course will introduce you to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, which seeks not only to collaborate with and sustain nature but to go beyond that to regenerate both agriculture and ecology.

This four-week, £50 course offers everyone an opportunity to understand biodynamic agriculture. The four weeks will include live (and recorded) seminars as well as plenty of resources (videos, reading, images and links) so that students can explore at their own leisure the aspects of biodynamic agriculture that interest them.  So if you are biodynamically curious, keep reading!

We have divided the course into four segments, each with a different perspective on biodynamic agriculture.  For each week there will be a central seminar which will be live (for those who can join live, recorded for those who cannot), and then there is further reading, videos and discussion forums to encourage further questions and more interaction.

biodynamic introduction

Week 1 Seminar – Biodynamic Agriculture in Context

The seminar and resources will explore:

    • How is biodynamic agriculture situated in the world now?
    • Where are there biodynamic farms and what do they produce?
    • Where did biodynamic agriculture come from, what does it mean and how is it placed in the history and wider context of agriculture?
  • How do you know something is biodynamic?

Week 2 Seminar – Biodynamic World View

The seminar and resources will consider:

    • How can our understanding of nature inform our practice in agriculture?
    • Does it matter how we think about nature, culture, food and vitality?
    • What are the principles of biodynamic agriculture?
    • What is the understanding of nature that informs biodynamic agriculture?
  • What is a ‘farm organism’?

Week 3 Seminar – Biodynamic Practice

The seminars for this week are not taught by a single individual, instead this week will include conversations with farmers to give students a flavour of how biodynamic agriculture works on the ground, on different continents and in a variety of situations.  It will include:

    • What are the biodynamic preparations?
    • What is a sowing calendar and how does it work?
  • How do farmers work with biodynamic principles in different situations around the world?

Week 4 Seminar – Getting Involved

We hope that by the fourth week, you will only be wanting more! The seminar and resources for this week will focus on the following:

    • How can you move from interest to engagement?
    • What can you do at home?
    • What could you read?
    • Who can you talk to?
  • Where can you learn more?
Terms and Conditions

You can request a full refund up to ten working days after confirmation that your purchase has been completed, provided that you have not yet accessed the course materials.

Any request for withdrawal after ten days following purchase will receive either a credit note which can be used towards paying for a future Biodynamic Agricultural College online course, or a refund of money less 20% of the course fee which will be charged as an administration fee. Credit notes expire after 12 months.

Once the course has been accessed, we will be unable to offer a refund.

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