This is a new course, designed for anyone who needs to develop or refresh their view of their own land.

The course is a self-study course, so it has no fixed start or finish date, rather it is there for students to take up as it is needed.

Students are offered two parallel (or sequential) processes.  The first (Biodynamic Chemistry) is to develop observational capacity which will serve you well in understanding your land.  Observation exercises are designed to work alongside reading and recorded seminars. These present ideas in understanding nature, and how to think about nature in a more holistic way.

The second (Farm Organism) takes students through the different elements of a holding (soil, plant, animal, both wild and cultivated) as well as looking at the unique location, the social and cultural activities and the sustainable elements of the holding.  By examining these different aspects of your land and layering these into an interrelated whole, you will gain a view of your holding with refreshed vision and new understanding.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

At the moment we are trialing this course for just a few students who will be asked to give us feedback on their experience of the course.  This will be for an introductory price of £100.

If you are interested, please get in touch to register your interest –

£100 for 6 months access