Vacancies from January 2019


Mrs Rike Witt
Stable Cottage
Loch Arthur

tel.: 01387 760687


“Care for the land and the animals is a central principle of the community”

Any BDAC student would need to become a Loch Arthur co-worker to the community and live in.  This is an unwaged position. However, all living and BDAC training costs will be covered by the community, including an amount of pocket money.

The estate is 550 acres including the 70 acre Loch Arthur and 60 acres of woodland. Our boundary takes in some of Lotus Hill, which has a mixture of woodland and heather moor. The garden area includes 500m2 greenhouse for vegetable production, 4 acres of field vegetables, soft and top fruit, herbs, flowers and a
large walled garden. The garden aims to produce sufficient seasonal fruit and vegetables for the community with surplus produce being sold through our farm shop.

We run a dairy herd of 38 cows plus followers, 105 breeding ewes. We finish approximately 175 lamb and 40 beef cattle a year, sold either through our own shop or other organic outlets. We grow 40 acres of oats plus arable silage and potatoes.

The beautiful key-hole shaped walled garden has always been a special place at the heart of the community. Over the years we have increased the number of vegetables grown in the field beside the loch and turned the walled garden over to soft fruits and flowers. We are cultivating 4 acres of field vegetables. We recently built a large glass greenhouse and a garden workshop to extend the season and improve working opportunities throughout the year.