Biodynamic Principles and Practice is a series of courses which can be taken from anywhere in the world. By gathering external references, customised reading and complementing this with seminars from experienced teachers and practicing biodynamic farmers, participants are given the opportunity to engage in an international community of students actively learning about biodynamic agriculture. We are gathering practical experience across continents to bring to our students so that they can learn from farmers and each other in a blend of self-study, research and practical experimentation.

Our Introduction to Biodynamics (four weeks for £55) is a course for anyone who is interested in biodynamic agriculture, from producers to consumers, whether you simply are interested in eating good quality food or managing the soil to save the planet, this course provides an overview of biodynamic agriculture from both a principled and practical point of view.  For more on this course, see our Introduction page.

Our new Biodynamic Preparations Course (four weeks for £175) is a course that takes a deeper look at the principles and practice of making and using the biodynamic preparations.  For more on this course see our Preparations page.

New courses

New Courses are under development as we find ways of meeting the needs of students all over the world.  For all the latest news, please do sign up for our newsletter, so you will be notified as courses begin!

New Eyes for Land

We have developed a self-study course which is designed to refresh your view and encourage your creativity in understanding the land with which you work.  For students who have newly acquired land, this course takes you step-by-step through a process of getting to know your land in all its different elements.  At the same time you are offered opportunities to develop your observational capacities in a series of guided readings and exercises.  For students who know their land well, these two can provide renewed enthusiasm, a broader perspective and a re-energised approach to the land you already know well.

For more information on this course, please follow this link: New Eyes For Land

Please note that in order to participate, you will need to have taken our 4 week Introduction to Biodynamics course. Please email us on if this applies to you.

Other Courses in Development

Other courses in development include the following:

Biodynamic in Practice – 4 weeks

Preparations in Practice – 4 weeks

Biodynamics in the Garden – 4 weeks

In addition, we will be making seminars and interviews available on demand, please do join our mailing list (below) to be notified as these become available.

Further information:

We run two different kinds of distance learning courses –

Self-Study Courses –

These are courses which students can take at their own pace and in their own time.  They consist of readings, recorded seminars, activities and references.  There is a clear order to follow and you are welcome to email questions at any time.  There will be no live seminars for these courses to allow maximum flexibility.

Live Courses –

Each course goes ‘live’ with a group of students and an online tutor who is available for tutorials, discussions and seminars. Students are expected to make around two to four hours available per week (on average and with flexibility) to devote to the course, although at this point courses are not assessed, so the more time and effort you put into the course, the more you get from it!  

Each live course consists of written material accompanied by live and recorded online seminars, practical observations and exercises. These are supported by extensive reference material and online facilities such as forum discussions and chat rooms.

The learner community is international which adds to the diverse and rich learning environment. The programme provides learning in biodynamic concepts and the opportunity to explore and understand its principles and methods.

Learner Profile

The distance learning courses are designed to complement rather than replace practice experience.  

It is vital that students understand that this is not a practical training in agriculture.  Such a training cannot be provided from a distance. If that is what you are searching for then we highly recommend the Work-Based Learning Course! These are courses in the approach and principles of biodynamic agriculture with practical examples of how these principles can be applied.   These can serve to complement those with practical experience or accompany students who are gaining practical experience.


As these are distance learning courses they can come to you as long as you have reliable access to the internet.    You do not need to be technologically sophisticated, but if you can browse the internet, read a pdf and use Microsoft Word (or equivalent), that will be enough to participate in these courses. 

For students who wish to take part in live seminars you will also need to be able to run Adobe Flash on whatever device you are using to access the course. Where this is problematic, all seminars are also recorded for those who cannot join live.

If you are in doubt about your internet connection please contact us, we can send you a link to videos so that you can try to stream one of our videos to check your connection. 

The Introduction Course is open to anyone and there are no requirements other than interest!

For students who wish to pursue courses beyond the Introduction Course, usually the Introduction Course or equivalent experience is required.  If you have questions about this requirement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you have a specific enquiry or would like to be notified of courses as they begin, please use the form below:

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