One of the methods unique to biodynamic agriculture is the use of the biodynamic preparations.  Horns filled with manure? Grinding up quartz crystals?  At best it sounds mystical at worst madness, but there is method in it and 90 years of experience and research both quantitative and qualitative that indicates that it works.

This self-study course is our latest offering, designed to help you understand and build a relationship to the biodynamic preparations. There are lots of resources in the course including:

  • Reading – this is in the form of chapters of a ‘book’ written by Jonathan Code and include some references to other resources.  
  • Activities – all of these are encouraged in terms of engaging with the subject.
  • Videos –  to round out the reading there are recorded interviews with practitioners and researchers.
  • Further reading and references – if you want to find out more.
  • Glossary – this may be a helpful resource if you are not familiar with some terminology

In addition to the self-study resources, occasional live Q&A sessions will also be held every 4-6 weeks to provide an opportunity to discuss the material with an expert.

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in the preparations, for farms, gardens, or allotments.  All that is required is interest, a decent internet connection and some self-motivation. If you have no familiarity with biodynamics, you may want to consider taking our Introduction to Biodynamics Course first.

Enrolment in the course gives you access for six months, which should be more than ample time to work through the material at your own pace.

This course will be open for enrolment in December 2020. If you have any questions or are would like to be alerted when it’s open for registration, please email