More being, less doing…

This is where the new blog will be.  As a novice at this, I am attacked by nerves.  I stand up in front of teenagers 4 days out of 5 without hesitation, and sometimes in the evenings give seminars online about strange subjects such as flower families, flowforms and Goethe.  You would think I could post something sensible on a blog.

As someone who prefers to research before she writes, I have loyally done so.  Articles on good blogs, blog styles, blog templates, blog, blog, blog… these perhaps may not have helped.

So as many before me, attacked by nerves and feeling stuck, instead I did a little ‘more being, less doing’ and looked out the window.  Now this is my kind of preparation.

Stroud Community Agriculture
Not bad really…

We have seen very little blue sky in the last 3 months and yet today there it is, big blue skies over a fragile crust of green over depths of mud.  At the moment it is home and I consider myself lucky to have that view out the window.

So the blog post may wait… maybe you will stay tuned?

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