It is an exciting time in biodynamics, how will you get involved?

Reflections on the Oxford Real Farming Conference!

We loved being at the ORFC, with too many inspirational thoughts to mention them all.  But one that struck many chords was from the closing session: Farming and Metaphysics. We also recommend listening to the discussion on Open Pollinated Seed (featuring David Price of the Seed Co-operative). The index of all of the available recordings is on this page.


BDAC Animal  Seminar

21st – 26th October at Abbey Home Farm, Gloucestershire, GL7 5HF

Keeping animal for meat is controversial these days, but what else do the ‘twelve domesticated animals’ have to offer? 

This short intensive course will offer insights into Science and Phenomenology of our domesticated animals. We will study animal husbandry, digestion, skeleton structure and will explore the animals contribution to the health of the soil, plant, farm organism and human development. The course will include classroom sessions, active observation and farm visits to organic and biodynamic farms.

Tutors: Kai Lange, Lucy Voelcker and some others tbc.

Venue: Abbey Home Farm

Cost: £490 with accommodation and lunches (it will be possible to prepare your own breakfasts and suppers at the venue kitchen; bring your own organic food!) or £300 for tuition only.

Accommodation is limited, so please book soon. For booking or more information, please contact: