It is an exciting time in biodynamics, how will you get involved?

Biodynamic Podcast?

No, we haven’t started one, but when the request came from Nigel Howitt of the Living Outside the Matrix, I had the opportunity for an interesting conversation about biodynamic agriculture.  If you are interested, please do see the following:

Biodynamic growing for wholesome food production – with Alysoun Bolger

Block Courses – The Plant and Soils

Did you know that you can join the blocks of the Work Based Learning Training?

Each of these weeks gathers apprentices from farms around the country to focus on one aspect of biodynamic farming.  These courses are also open to non-diploma students who would like to study the topic for a week simply out of interest.

These weeks include seminars, practical exercises and active discussion around the subject, please get in touch with Kai Lange for more details.

Next Seminar: Soils (Asha Centre)

Saturday 23rd March, 2pm

Thursday 28th March, 2pm

Topics will include: Soil Science and Phenomenology, Farm Fertility, Compost

This is a block from the apprentice training that is open to anyone who interested and wants to join.

For more details, or to register your interest, please contact


Several of us with be at the International Agricultural Conference on the 6th to 9th February, we look forward to seeing you there!